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TN Pre-License Courses

TN Pre-License Courses

TN Pre-License Courses Required by Tennessee Real Estate Commission (TREC)

These courses complete the educational requirements for the Tennessee Affiliate Brokers License.



Dearborn/RECampus Online Pre-license Courses  
Sheila Hensley, CDEI Course Instructor 

Note: Each course has 6 month's access from registration date.
Extensions for expired/incomplete Licensing courses are offered at $49 for a 30-day extension and $89 for a 90-day extension.
Exam Prep, and QBank Course Extensions: 30-day $19 and $29 for a 90-day extension.


Hours Cost

Tennessee Real Estate Principles Online Course V4.0
Please call before you register 901-373-3167  
Let's make sure Online is right for you.  ~Sheila



Tennessee Course for New Affiliates v4.0 Online Course
You are allowed by TREC to take this course after your state exam
or before.  I require my students to take this course before as part of their preparation for the national and state exam.  Per TREC rules you must complete this course before you are allowed to make application for your license even if you've taken your exam.  You will need information in this course to help you pass the exam. 





Enjoy the RECampus Demonstration Videos below to get an idea of the process.

I'm available by phone, email, or text to help while you're in your courses.  You're not alone! RECampus has the best tech support available.  Their hours and contact info are available to you within your course. If you have problems, we'll get them resolved.  ~Sheila Hensley 


Study Guides to Prepare for National and State Exam

Complete Tennessee Real Estate Drill and Practice QBank v3.0 



What students say about QBank Exam Prep

I am truly enjoying the test-taking part of the process. Almost fun to catch myself trip up on a question because I read it too fast or missed a piece of the details in my studies. Either way, I can feel myself starting to understand the material versus simply memorizing the information. 

Student Tammy Davis Feb 2018


Q Bank- Q Bank was the single most valuable resource I had in preparing for the license exams. Three days before the exam, I found myself pouring over every bit of material I had from the classes, but I quickly found that I had no way to realistically test what concepts I had a firm grasp on, and what I needed to review further. Enter Q Bank. Q Bank’s value is in its ability to present questions on a wide scope of topics in a quick, concise format that closely simulates the actual exam. I constantly simulated exams to make sure I saw as many different questions on each topic as I possibly could. There were several topics that I had a very tentative recollection of from the course, but with Q Bank’s answer explanations and score analytics, I could drill down on the topics that I was consistently doing poorly on. Within 3 hours, I went from scoring in the mid 70’s to the mid 90’s on the simulated exams. I walked into the exam certain that I would pass. I owe that confidence in large part to Q Bank.

Patrick Duhon, Student/Graduate August 2017

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