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Small Business Owner Interview - Matt Pentecost

Small Business Owner Interview - Matt Pentecost

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In the second of my Small Business Owner Interviews (16:42) I speak with Matt Pentecost of Sacramento, CA.  Matt owns SacSurfactPro and has been in business for ten years now.  It wasn't that easy starting and building a business from the ground up, but he did it.

In this interview he discusses his experience and what became important to him as he learned.

Matt and I are members of Plus Your Business CommunityThe Academy and both graduates of the PYB Local Consultant Certification course.  So we've been around the block together.

I hope you pick up ideas or maybe a few answers from our interview.  We're all in this together - building our businesses.

"A Small Business has to be found before they even have a chance", Matt Pentecost


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