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June 13 - June 18 


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NMLS-Approved Online Mortgage Education
Licensing, Continuing Education, Exam Prep 

Looking for fun, engaging mortgage webinars that help fulfill your 2024 CE? Look no further! We’re excited to announce that our mortgage education partner, The CE Shop, now offers LIVE WEBINARS that count toward your 2024 mortgage CE requirements! PLUS, they’re available weekends, so no more scrambling to fit CE into your workday. But these classes are filling up fast, so reserve your seat today!

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Real Estate Pre-License Courses
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PRE-LICENSING Pre-licensing courses are available for those interested in joining the real estate industry. Before becoming an agent, you must complete the required Pre-Licensing course program and pass the national and state exams. The CE Shop offers an interactive and in-depth online education for those seeking a real estate license in most U.S. states (with more to come).

Exam Prep -
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EXAM PREP The CE Shop’s Real Estate Exam Prep Edge is a standalone product that enables students to review and prepare for their licensing exam. It allows students to understand where their strengths and weaknesses are so they can study, review, practice, and better prepare for their licensing exam in a user-friendly, innovative online course environment.

Continuing Education -
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CONTINUING EDUCATION An agent is typically required to complete Continuing Education (CE) courses throughout their career. CE is essential to maintaining a strong and professional career as an agent. The CE Shop offers CE in all 50 states plus D.C. We strive to offer everything that students need to continue their real estate education.


Post-Licensing Courses - 
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POST-LICENSING Certain states require agents to complete Post-Licensing, or First Renewal, courses after they have received their license. We are constantly updating and creating content for students nationwide and offer customized Post-Licensing courses for those states that require further coursework.


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Real Estate Success Center is affiliated with The CE Shop and will receive a portion of the tuition. The purpose of the affiliation is to offer students options of platforms and prices to fit their needs.

Note: Sheila Hensley (Real Estate Success Center) has established an agreement with The CE Shop to promote online course information to consumers and real estate licensees. Sheila A Hensley is not the developer of these courses and is simply providing a referral. Any questions regarding course content or technology should be directed to The CE Shop.
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