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She Was and Is a Ball of Fire

She Was and Is a Ball of Fire

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This student began the licensing process May 23rd.  She passed her national and state exam June 25th. I’m asked by almost every prospective student, how long will it take.  Well, this is one example.


A total of 90 hours in the content, attending more hours in the Interactive Study Group and some time on the phone with me - but not much - and additional hours preparing for the test, it was a little over a month. This was a driven student, organized, some would say possessed, but that’s normal for her as she uses that personal characteristic to her advantage - being passionate about her task to reach her goal.


Full-time job, teenage children with school activities, wife and business partner. She’d owned two companies already and now was looking at a career in real estate.  She told me it was something she’d always wanted to do. No time to waste after she made up her mind to reach for it.


One month and three days is the answer to the question always asked, at least for this student. Every student is different and learns at their own pace based on their circumstances but some are driven.  


I worry about those who are driven because I fear their passion will take them too fast through the material they must ultimately understand to pass that ever looming national and state exam.  Not this student. She did everything I asked her to do and added her own passion - just the right amount.


The process then turned to choosing the right broker and begin training to become a practicing real estate agent.  Broker chosen and license application uploaded to Tennessee Real Estate Commission, she waited. Even while waiting for her license to be issued and returned, she prepared herself to hit the ground running.   


As she waited to become legal, do you think she advanced her knowledge while she was prevented from practicing?  She did. She was not prevented from learning while she waited so she dug in and got smarter and more adept at the nuances of the industry as well as the rules, regulations and real estate law governing all her activities from now on.  She will be knowledgeable, fiercely independent, especially when representing her clients, and professional to the point where other REALTORS™ will want to cooperate with her because she does her job and does it well.


Yes, I’m proud of all my students.  They work hard to get their license - it’s easier for some than others. I’ve had students finish quicker who are wildly successful and indeed others who have taken much longer to reach their goal of licensure but are as successful. I just happened to write about this student.  They all are special in their own way.


I’ll be recording a Student Graduate video interview to post on the school site soon.  You’ll get to meet her too. I predict you’ll be inspired.


Response from Amber to this post as she proofed and approved it:

Awe Sheila, I love this and you truly made my day by reading this. It truly has been an adventure for the past couple of months…I have already worked with another agent on a listing and actually had a buyer of my own that I spent countless hours on a Saturday and Sunday showing multiple properties. Thankfully, we found exactly what the buyer was looking for. I am absolutely loving this new career and so excited about my future in real estate.

Thank you again for everything you did to help me along the way, I will never forget you and all of our conversations.

   Amber Poe - Affiliate Broker

   TN License # 346710

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   Grant & Co., REALTORS
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