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How Do Prefer to Communicate?

How Do Prefer to Communicate?


We all have our preferences as to how we want to receive business calls.  Even your doctor's office will ask on their forms where you'd like to be called and if they can leave sensitive information on voicemail or text.  Why aren't we doing that as a matter of course when we're forming a business relationship. We sometimes forget to tell and ask these important people before it becomes a problem.  

Response:  I expect to contact them on their cell number.  

What if they can't receive calls on their cell due to meetings at work, work rules, etc.

Response:  Then I'll simply text them.  What if they can't receive personal text messages on their cell due to meetings at work, work rules, etc.

You wonder why they won't answer your call or text?  It's because you are not connecting with them the most effective way.  You didn't ask; you assumed.  

I tried an experiment with one of my students and I'll be incorporating it into my training. Once they get their bright shiny new business cards with the company information and their cell number, I contact the student - now graduate and colleague - using all the contact information I've gathered during our time together.  Then send a message to each device, whether voice, text or email at all locations.  The message asks "Which message did you receive first and why?"

After they answer, I ask them to determine where they want to be contacted and establish that contact info with all their clients or customers.  The point is made by using the graduate as an example.  When they see all the messages come through, they realize that a prospect/lead for future business is not going to go to all that trouble. Further they will be disappointed when their inquiry is not answered quickly and that there is a need to streamline those communications directly to themselves in order to respond better.  Plus it could keep them from going out of their minds trying to keep up with several types of communication.  

If they begin this at the start of their career, it is far better than training past contacts at a later date.

Of course it is up to the customer, client, prospect or lead to dictate how they communicate, that is without question.  However, if you have your all your communication channeled properly, you won't miss an inquiry.  No one wants to miss an inquiry that may result in business.  

Organize your contact links so it makes sense for you from the beginning if possible is my advice.

Anyone else have ideas on this subject?  Would love to hear from you.

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