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Small Business Owner Interview - Jodi Okun

Small Business Owner Interview - Jodi Okun

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In this series of interviews I speak to owners and entrepreneurs about the challenges of staying on top of their online presence while continuing to run and build their businesses.

Look on our YouTube Channel for more interviews in the Small Business Owners Interviews play list.  Only this one there now but more to come from all types of small business owners at different skill levels.  

Jodi Okun - College Financial Aid Advisors opens up for a chat about her business building journey, how she stays focused and some of her plans for the future as she learns more and more about her digital footprint.

Jodi and I had never spoken - this was our first meeting.  It was exciting to record as we got to know each other.  We both felt a connection as we followed each other on Google Plus, but comments were as far as we'd gotten.  

She said yes when I asked for the interview, took a chance and trusted me.  I appreciate that for the compliment that it is.   I'm totally honored and thank you so much Jodi!

Look over Jodi's left shoulder in the video and on her wall you'll see . . .

"If Your Ship Has Come In - Swim Out To It"

I liked that a lot and I think you'll love Jodi. Leave us a comment if you do.  We'd both be thrilled to hear from you.  

A very special shout out to one of my Team Members, Mr. Scott Scowcroft - The Scott Treatment.  I thought there was just one small audio fix that I needed on this video.  I sent it to Scott for "TST - The Scott Treatment" and he made our video perfect.  

He is a magician and master video editor.  Thank you Scott!  

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