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Why Is My Business on Google Plus?

Why Is My Business on Google Plus?

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Why Is My Business Here on G+?  
Allow me to explain.

Prospective Student Profile:  College Student looking at a career opportunity in real estate.  More and more "college students" are becoming "my" students.  It's not something you'd expect but it's true.  I have three students in pre-license classes now who are working on their undergraduate degree.  They plan to make real estate their career choice.

They are tech savvy.  Accustomed to the discipline it takes for online learning and they are like sponges, literally learning machines. They are driven to make a difference in their own lives and the lives of others.

How lucky am I?  I have this opportunity to take years of experience and pay it forward!

OK, that's an interesting point from my view as the typical student - if you could say there is a typical student, and you can't  - changes as the real estate market changes and the fabric of real life changes. But why am I here on G+ and why am I a member/student/candidate of +Plus Your Business!  

I've been asked recently by a #PYB member, why are you working so hard to learn about and be active on  +Google+?  
How does your knowledge of G+ relate to your business, your school and shepherding these newbies into their career choice? 

Here's the scoop:  
Email received requesting information about the process of obtaining a TN License.  I responded (quickly) and asked for a phone conversation explaining that to properly respond to the question, we'd need a conversation.   She set the day and time - very precise - I liked that.

During the conversation I answered her questions and offered common sense advice about the process.  We discussed the expenses of getting into the business so she would be prepared. Together we set a plan in motion which took into consideration her current class load, when the semester ended and I allowed her to set her own expectations.  She is going to be a fantastic agent worthy of her client's support.

The tone of her voice changed completely from the initial hello.
She'd been treated with respect and was respectful in return.  She'd received answers that she had not expected, all backed up by real estate commission rules and regulations rather than speculation and/or salesy talk.  She was confident she could depend on the answers and make plans accordingly. She'd gone from insecure to informed and felt she had called the right person.  A dependable relationship was formed.

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As I always do, I asked "how did you find my school?"

She'd search Google, of course, using the exact keywords I'd determined were the most searched keywords for my services.
She noted that my school was the 2nd listing on the search results.  She also noticed the Stars which encouraged her to read  the Reviews of other prospective and current students on My Business Listing.

Thank you  #PYBmember  +Nick Rink at +Smart Local Marketing for helping me get my Listing set up properly to receive those Reviews!  Your help and expertise is actually helping me generate revenue!

The prospective student then went directly to my website from my listing and liked what she saw.  The site answered her initial question and invited her to contact me.  There was no reason to search further she told me.
I asked her how many times a week she used Google to find information  She answered too many to count.

I then ask her if she would like to be found through search in that fashion.  She agreed she would but asked how is that possible?

I answered: Once you've completed your required education and passed the National and State Exam, you will enter into G+ training to establish a proper profile so you can be found in search, learn to post and communicate on the Google platform and place yourself in a position to receive inquiries about your services.  

Her voice changed again from confident to excited.  It turns out that her mother is a real estate agent!  This young student is seeing possibilities more aligned with her own preferences and aspirations and she sees the possibilities based on her very own experience today.

So to answer the question, why am I here in #PYB and G+.
I'll use what I've learned to help my students position and differentiate themselves to better communicate with prospective clients looking for information, just as this prospective student had done.

What a Country!   I love what I do!
Anyone else have questions about why I'm here? 
I'll be happy to discuss further. <Big Smile>

How about you?  Why are you on Google Plus and how do you plan on implementing G+ into your future.  Oh, there are so many ways!

Need help deciding?  Let me know by leaving a comment or asking a question in the comments. 

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