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My Personal Experience with Google Plus Support

My Personal Experience with Google Plus Support

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My Personal Experience with Google Plus Support


While discussing Google Plus with a colleague, I asked my new collaborative partner +Karen Valentine (new to G+) to follow our Page.  I mistakenly asked her to search for the school name rather than the complete name.  I was showing her results of searching for local businesses and the difference of having a completed Page vs. not when I decided to show her how to connect with our Page.


I couldn’t see her screen and didn’t know she’d surfaced an unclaimed page with the incorrect name.  She followed it before I could stop her, thus activating the duplicate. I know this sounds strange but it happened that way.  


Didn’t think much about it until later when I checked my Google My Business Listing on my mobile. This message appeared:

Duplicate Listing Notice.png



Now what do I do?


On my mobile app where the duplicate  message arrived there was an offer to help fix the problem. I determined after much reading inside the app that I shouldn’t try this without assistance.  In the Contact Us form, Google asked if I wanted someone to call me.  Yes, please.


To complete the form I needed the URL of the unclaimed page - which I could not find.  Was not listed as “My”  page anywhere in My Accounts. Search did not find it.  Maps did not show the unclaimed page . I’d hit a roadblock and was under pressure.


Then I remembered . . .


I’d seen an email notification that Karen had followed this Page .  From within the email, I copied the URL and pasted into a new tab. OK, nabbed the elusive page!  However, I had no privileges (my page was unclaimed) so couldn’t delete, change or destroy the Duplicate.


I reached for settings and it asked me to login.  That’s when I realized Google had created a page that corresponded to an email address I’d created long ago and forgotten was there, really.  


My Bad  


We do need to update and keep up with everything we have in Google.  It’s becoming apparent that less (more focused) is better to avoid confusion.


To Continue


From settings where I was asked to login, Chrome and/or Google remembered my login and password (that which I didn’t know I’d created).  I logged in and deleted the unclaimed page reluctantly, because at that very moment, (lack of experience) I wasn’t sure it was the right thing to do.  The duplicate was gone.  I was very insecure about what I’d done.


Didn’t really expect to hear back from the contact form I'd submitted.  

I’d never tried to contact Google before; never had a need.


The Conversation:

Google Support: This is (don’t remember his name because all I heard was Google) with Google. How can I help?


Page Owner - me:  Wait.  Are you responding to my request for help regarding . . .?  A bit wary because of the calls one receives from third party companies which call to solve my ranking problems.


Google Support:  Yes ma’am.  


Page Owner - me:  Ok, you’re going to have to give me some time here.  I’m having a moment. I’ve never spoken to Google before.  


Google Support:  He smiled - I could hear it in his voice.  “You’ve never spoken to anyone at Google before?”


Page Owner - me: That is correct.  Ok, I’m fine now (deep breath) so let me explain what I did so you can tell me how horribly I've damaged my Google My Business Listing .


He looked things over after I explained that I’d deleted the unclaimed page .  Yes, I’d done exactly the right thing in exactly the right way.  He said, “you know a lot about this”, and congratulated me. Tension lessened, I was feeling more confident.


Google Support: Let me go through your page and see if there is anything I think that you need to change or update. He was very kind to do that but my insecurity rose once again.  Holding my breath - surprised I didn’t pass out - I waited as I heard him look at all the elements of my Page .


The Score

He pronounced my page very well done and completely optimized.  Nothing he could see to do better - he was smiling again.


Setting Expectations

We discussed what would happen next, how long to wait for things to straighten out and work through the system. He answered two more questions and we were done.  


Feeling Quite Accomplished

When I disconnected with this fine Google Support gentleman, I'd gone from complete doom to knowing I'd done the right thing.  He was very kind, very supportive and most helpful.  


It felt like my Page had been given a seal of approval that meant something!  


How this changed me

Through this experience I’ve developed a deeper understanding of business owners, managers and their fears and frustrations when they try to do this for themselves.  They don’t have the time to learn all they need to know, or remember it, and when something happens the feeling of panic is real and, well, heart stopping.  


You can literally see all your hard work slipping away. The feeling of not knowing what you’re doing, especially for an owner or manager, makes you feel less than adequate all round.  I can’t explain it well but I know what it feels like now and that is important if I’m to help others.


Many thanks to the Plus Your Business Local Consultant Course and instructors +Nick Rink and the lovely +Priya Chandra who gave me the knowledge to move forward, even if just in small steps.  The course is fantastic, yes.  The actual implementation of knowledge gained during the course is hard and takes practice.  But, I did go forward and I did it well as confirmed by Google Support.  


Feeling very accomplished indeed, but also humbled for having had this experience.

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